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2024, Installation view 

Screenshot 2024-02-25 102308.png

Chapter [Resuscitation unanswered], screen still 00:09:28

Screenshot 2024-02-25 102328.png

Chapter [Visits to resurrect, 00:18:21], screen still 00:31:20

Air nest


Video installation with audio, mattress, metal rack, plastic, latex

ACC Gallery, Weimar, Germany


Resuscitation unanswered, 00:18:28

Visits to resurrect, 00:18:21

Flow with the blow, 00:10:30

Respire at 80, 00:30:47

Building a nest requires repetitive labour with a homogenous medium.

First you construct the space and structures for a home, then it allows the attaching of meanings. This change in situations of displacement is (experienced unequally. Accelerated for the underpriviledged is the rhythm of adapting to a home and packing to leave. Temporary furnitures come into use to contain such needs, the modern air mattress as an expandable and retractable nest. Accommodated users include the temporary bypassers in a city, the visitor, the migrant, the unprepared, the homeless, the alien. The seemingly absurd pumping figure escapes the futility of a Bruegelian and Sisyphean landscape, the repetitive making and un-making a bed is a cyclic struggle of the temporary bypasser. In the confrontation of building a temporary air nest in german spaces of bureaucratic repression, political unwelcome, tourstic landscapes, assigned dormitories and the erection of it in the current gallery, banalities of such labours surface.


Conversations are simulated through the vibrations in air. The inflation narrates a permission for residence. The pumping, the silence, then the release, follows the acceptance/toleration of the rejection/unwelcomed. Comfort is artificially maintained at the dormitory, coming closest to the notion a new home. In the desperation to volumize the air nest, the breath of the user transfers into the expanding nest itself. In the ending stage of exhaustion of the air nest, the contained breath diffuses back into the charged environment. At the leaving of the bypasser of the frame, nothing seems to have changed in the space, apart from trails of some foot steps, which will melt into the snow with the rising sun, and apart from the dense, denied breath that will dissipate into protested atmospheric pressures. The medium of air that constitutes the environment, is consequently the same medium of air to constitute the air mattress.


Does the homogeneity of the ingredients contribute to the failure of this nesting. Nevermind that, the air nest packs itself flat for conversations at the next destination. 

behind the scenes

photography by Gift Lalicha Lalitsasivimol

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