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Eat, drink, sleep

Concept for a durational performance installation, glass, and metal box, located in weimar urban neighbourhoods

Space is always a distribution of wealth. In Germany, the average living space for an adult is 13m². In Hong Kong, those living on social fringes have their activity reduced to dimensions of a bed, with 1.4m² in cage homes. Their urban living dimensions reflect choices in governmental income through expensive loanings of tax-free lands. In such a society of spectacle and leisure, the minority perform for the entertainment of the majority. Performed inhabitations in this space address the bodily confinements of everyday routines in such dimensions, initially unintended for living. The situated performance juxtaposes the context of the averagely spacious, middle class apartments in Weimar. Thickening opacities through the window display are observed over the duration of such activities. Confinement of the cage changes the air density, breathes condensation, and the struggle to sustain living.

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