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More-than human less-than Olympics


Collective Performance: 3 lanes, chairs, wood, canvas stand, Christmas tree, bucket, fabric,team uniform

Royal Academy of Arts, Netherlands

Welcome to the More-than-Human Less-than-Olympics! A new discipline in which different species ‘race against the CLOCK’! There are 3 lanes and 3 teams: AQUATIC TEAM ; FOREST TEAM ; DOMESTIC TEAM. On each lane there are 3 athletes working together on a RELAY RACE. They have 2 minutes to finish the More-Than-Hurdles track!

Collectively imagining, creating and performing entirely new sport discipline(s)referring to the collaborative or competitive interactions occurring between non-human species in their (post)natural surroundings. The assignment is meant as a critique of the conventional, mainstream sport industry such as the FIFA World Cup currently attracting more public and media attention. We strive for (re)activating our bodies and minds in the process of designing alternative playoffs: ‘more-than-human art athletics’ in closer connection with the laws of nature, queering sport as we know it outdoor and indoor, on the edge of performance art, public intervention, institutional critique, political activism and climate action. By using the practice of mimicry as a process of relating, these shape shifting somatic exercises will be regarded as relational tools for finding new ways of learning and moving between different, unlikely worlds.

Initial concept: Pawel Pokutycki and Andrea Palasti, developed in collaborationwith Laura Modoni, Loona Emily Jeanine Dusser, Kitman Pik Chee Yeung, MinnieIsolde Fawcett-Tang, Frederico Matos Pereira, Alessia Campanella, AnnaOsuch, Luna-Rossa Veen, Frederik Peter Bots, Madelon de Wagenaar andBlom van Beuzekom.

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