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live stream: #myfirsthouse

(Terms and Conditions apply)


room size: 600 x 1200 x 400 cmDurational participatory video installation, single channel audio, construction lift, clay, le go-built truck, wood panels, pencil, chalk, helmet, go pro camera, LED light, construction shoes, protection gloves

On the 12th November 1997, collected nations proclaimed the Declaration on the Responsibilities of the Present Generations Towards Future Generations Act. 


Humanity’s search for ownership and power tackles beyond spatial boundaries on land, its conquests extend to waters, overhead skies, and extraterrestrial space. Whilst invitation to Martian migration remains economically exclusive, the live streaming media platform offers inclusion. Being adrenaline-induced by the banal pleasures of violent construction, the prescribed version of reality absorbs the user. 


The onlookers are left with the absurdity of ignorance, just slightly behind the scene.

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