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Clock #1


public temporary intervention

site: koekamp, the hague, netherlands

duration: 1 hour

Screenshot 2024-03-10 235910.png

For the local intervention, the site of Koekamp, a small park situated between the busy, urbanthe Hague central station and a temporary adventure park was chosen. It is a place of tension inbetween relativities of tightened time, through precise scheduled arrivals and departures at thestation, and the stretched out entertainments on the adventure rides in the opposite playground. Here at the inbetween zone of Koekamp, it facilitated as an between place for conversations forthe dutch histories of individualistic values, of The Hague as an international court forinternational negotiations and treaties.


As a temporary intervention, symbolic of a clock with myself as the ticking hand, around thenatural stick and tree, the audience were invited to slow down time for themselves for just asecond. Passerby audience included people exercising at the park, and people commuting fromthe train station to home, and people commuting from the adventure park to home.


Traces of my walking with socks, as a natural clock for an hour, left behind no traces.

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